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We at ninetyfive are doing our best to make the web a better place. You have an idea and want it executed to near perfection? Let us know, we’d love to hear about it!

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myvanture Location Management

Myvanture is a fast growing camping van rental business with hundreds of vans being rented out every season.

The location management app was developed with the intention of getting rid of all the manual paperwork that comes along every time a customer picks up a car. It enables employees of a rental location to view their upcoming pickups, to do digital vehicle checks and to log vehicle damages.

A few days before pickup the app notifies customers about the mandatory online check-in, where they have to watch some instructional videos, upload their license and put down a deposit. When picking up the car the customer get's do sign the rental contract digitally in the app.

myvanture online checkin
myvanture location management app
Indicator projects/animated-emote-maker

Animated emote maker

The animated emote maker is a tool which streamers can use for animating their existing emotes. On startup they are presented with a choice of 3 different upload options. Once the upload is finished they can choose between dozens of different animations. This tool is the answer to Twitch's "animated emotes" feature, which allows stream viewers to also react with animated versions of the otherwise static emotes. We build the animated emote maker in such a way so that it can withstand almost any number of users.

Indicator projects/own3d-academy Course Platform

The goal of the OWN3D Academy project was to provide prospective streamers a platform where they can learn everything about streaming.

Users can register for free to unlock all lessons. Watching lessons is promoted by a reward system, where users get vouchers for streaming-related online shops and other useful goodies after completing certain courses. The content is produced by established streamers who have already undergone the struggle of learning how to stream and how to grow a solid user base.

We implemented the the frontend as well as the backend from the ground up. The page's entire content can be managed by the tutors via a headless CMS system. Desktop Mobile
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ninetyfive - the story

Ninetyfive is a small but highly specialized software company based in Klagenfurt, Austria that was founded by Rico Ocepek and Florian Untermoser. The sole focus is web development.

The two of us have been working together on projects for a long time so in late 2020 we decided to join forces, and founded ninetyfive in January 2021. Since then we’ve successfully deployed customer projects with millions of monthly active users and built a solid base of satisfied customers and partners.

We are offering a variety of services but first and foremost we love web development and new challenging software projects. We always work with the newest technologies in the field and are constantly evolving our skills to deliver the best possible version of your project ideas. We mainly work with VueJS but also fluently speak React, PHP Laravel and dotnet.

For bigger projects we have a network of very capable developers that we trust and already have worked with, so larger scale projects are very welcome too. If any of the above sounds appealing to you, we’d love to hear from you, so leave us a message!

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Rico Ocepek

Co-Founder / Frontend Dev

Rico's passion for frontend development started in school at the age of 14 where he first got in touch with web technologies. He immediately fell in love with animating things and living on the edge of what CSS is capable of. Nowadays he's mostly working with VueJs in combination with Tailwind, although he is also comfortable with React and various other CSS frameworks. +43 660 4006095
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Florian Untermoser

Co-Founder / Web- and Backend Dev

Florian has his roots in full stack development using ASP.NET and some JS frontend framework that no one can remember today. After that he became a freelance developer and found his love for web development and since then switched to a combination of VueJS in the frontend and .NET or Laravel in the backend for most projects.